Microsoft wants to buy your Windows XP computer for $100, but there is a catch

According to Microsoft, from today until June 15, 2014, if you bring your Windows XP computer to one of its retail stores, it will give you $100 towards a brand new Windows 8 machine. Of course though, there is a catch. The new computer must be priced at $599 or higher and the Surface 2 and RT are excluded. This is a shame because a laptop priced at $279 would probably meet the user’s needs. After all, their XP machine is likely rather under-powered by today’s standards.

Sure, getting a $599 computer for $499 sounds like a great deal, and maybe it is. However, if a $299 computer meets your needs, you’ve essentially wasted $200. If Microsoft truly wants this campaign to be a success, it should offer the $100 towards any new computer.

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