LG Smart Lamp takes on Hue with Bluetooth bulb

LG has revealed its first smart bulb, the LG Smart Lamp, a low-wattage bulb that is said to be 80% more efficient than typical incandescent bulbs. However, while frugality is nice, the main highlight is its compatibility with Android and iOS devices. What this means is that you can control many aspects and features of this bulb via an app on your device.

The LG Smart Lamp works with Android version 4.3 and higher or iOS version 6.0 and up, and connects via Bluetooth. Apparently if you light the bulb for an average of five hours a day, it will last you for around a decade.

The obvious big-name in remote control lighting right now is Philips’ hue, there’s one clear difference between that and LG’s first wireless bulb: how it connects. Hue requires a ZigBee base station, rather than connecting directly to a phone via Bluetooth, unlike LG’s system and the Lumen TL800 we reviewed back in January.

Ik zag de prijzen en ik werd meteen enthousiast. Maar er zit natuurlijk een addertje onder het gras. De LG Smart Lamp heeft maar twee kleuren: wit en geel. Het gaat dus nog wel even duren voordat ik afscheid kan nemen van mijn Philips Hue.